Made exclusively from Nebbiolo grapes from the first hill of Ghemme called “i ronchi”, this wine embodies all the sun of an entire summer vintage. When aged, it becomes smooth, delicate and subtle Vinum subtile facit in sene cor juvenile, a description that appeared on the back label of the first wines produced by the Platinetti winery in the 1970s.

We wanted to reintroduce it to describe the Ghemme wines we now produce, since it still fits perfectly. For these lands, just as for the entire northern Piedmont region, Nebbiolo is the noble grape variety we use to make our wines that stand out for their expressive elegance rather than their strength. We mainly use it to make Ghemme Wineyard Ronco Maso, which has always been entirely made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes.

We have always selected grapes from the high strip of the Ronco known as “lo specchio”. It has always been the last grape variety to be picked. We have always macerated our grapes for 20 to 30 days and have always refined this wine for at least three years in 30-hl oak barrels, followed by at least one year in the bottle.