Vespolina 2015


Vespolina 100%


0,11 hectares located in the region Ronco Maso in Ghemme at an altitude to between 250 and 300 meters a.s.l.

Growing system and plant density

Guyot, 4000 plants per hectare

Yield per hectare

45 / 50 quintals of grapes in respect of the years


South - South West


Fluvio glacial terraces, with sandy and pebbly texture and acid reaction

Nature of land


Average age of vines

30 years

Climate Vintage

The year 2015 began with a very snowy winter, which helped create an abundant store of groundwater in the sub-soil. A mild spring led to an early start to plant growth and development, and this lasted all the way through the entire growing season. No rain fell from mid-June on, and temperatures stabilized at levels above seasonal averages until the end of August. This lengthy heat wave did not influence in any way the ripening of the grapes thanks, in addition to other factors, to the accumulated reserves of moisture in the soil. The harvest began in early September with the Erbaluce grapes, continued with the Vespolina and Barbera crop, and terminated at 10 october with the Nebbiolo. The entire crop was of excellent level from every point of view, both in terms of the healthiness of the grapes and of analytical data on sugar and acidity as well.


Picked by hand, made in the third week of September


Fermentation can take from 3 to 5 days in stainless steel tanks under temperature control. In order to favour the release of red pigments from grapes skins the wine is gently pressed


Entirely in stainless steel tanks for a minimum period of 9 months, following aging in the bottle in a cellar cool and dark for at least 4 months

Alcohol: 12.80 %vol.
Total Acidity: 5.95 g/l
Dry Extract: 23.90 g/l
Sulphites: 47 mg/l