A minimalist philosophy, guided by generations of experience, and best summed up in the equation that if you’ve done things right in the vineyard, no further intervention should be necessary. However, one ingredient is always added: time.


GHEMME DOCG vigna Ronco Maso

Every esteemed family has its progenitor, and for Azienda Agricola Platinetti Guido Estate this is without doubt our Ghemme DOCG Vigna Ronco Maso.

Despite regulations allowing the addition of up to 15% of Vespolina or Bonarda grapes, Platinetti's Ghemme DOCG is produced using solely this wine region’s most famed grape variety namely, Nebbiolo. In particular, only the best clusters from the Ronco Maso vineyard are used, being those coming from the higher slopes called “lo specchio” ("the mirror").

Traditionally, these few select rows are left until last during the harvest in order to let the grapes fully mature on the plant.

Aging continues for two years in large oak barrels, and then is rounded off with a year in the bottle before being released to the market. After opening, which should be carried out at least an hour before drinking, this Nebbiolo impresses for its keen freshness and salinity on the nose and conquers the palate thanks to its sprite youthfulness, while the long cellaring enriches it with intriguing notes of liquorice and tobacco. A taste which embodies the secret formula of every great wine: that delicate balance between elegance, freshness and potency that makes it extremely enjoyable and gastronomic.



Colline Novaresi DOC NEBBIOLO

Produced using a selection of Nebbiolo grapes from the Ronco Maso vineyard which are never harvested before the second half of September. After crushing, the grapes are left to macerate for up to 8 days to maximize the extraction of colouring substances and tannins from the skins. Vinification continues in large Slavonian oak barrels for almost a year before being completed with bottle aging for at least 6 months. With aromas of wild strawberry, raspberry, jams and a slight hint of appassimento, the palate is essential, well-rounded and harmonious, thanks to its firm but mature and captivating tannins. This is a delicate wine, which is much influenced by the weather, and this lends each vintage its own distinctive character.

Colline Novaresi DOC BARBERA Pieleo

A varietal wine produced from grapes grown in the Baraggiola area located 300 metres above sea level. After maceration, vinification continues in 500-litre Slavonian oak barrels for a minimum period of 15 months, followed by bottle aging for at least another 6 months.

This wine’s potency is skillfully attenuated by the wood aging, and only when it achieves correct balance is it then bottled. On the nose, the bouquet is convivial, with a pleasant mix of red fruits and floral notes. The wine demonstrates the maximum expression of the unique Alto Piemontese terroir, especially in its lingering and mineral finish.

Colline Novaresi DOC VESPOLINA

This wine embodies the honest and gentle soul of the land from which it is made. The Vespolina grapes are the first to be harvested and are fermented in contact with the skins for a maximum of 5 days in steel vats. After racking, aging continues in steel vats for a minimum of 6 months followed by further bottle aging for at least another 4 months.

The intense fruity, youthful and slight minerality of the bouquet gives way to a smooth, fresh mouthfeel, which is enlivened by its light, pleasant acidity. A balance of light flavours interwoven with a decisive spiciness, which is a characteristic of this grape variety.


"Guido" is the wine that best embodies the philosophy and history of these hills and of the family. Dedicated to our grandfather, this wine brings the past to life in every phase of production, commencing from the harvest.

The traditional Maggiorina training method employed means that the grapes must be picked strictly by hand. The grape harvest for Guido normally takes place during the third week of September, and is a really joyous occasion, bringing with it the indelible charm of a tradition that is being handed down to the many youngsters who, on harvest day, secateurs in hand, disappear amongst the vines festooned with their precious bunches of grapes.

It is a simple and sincere wine, possessing great balance. The heady aromas mingle perfectly with floral notes and the small red berries, which are also reflected on the palate, giving a mouthfeel which is both soft and vibrant at the same time. It thus lends itself to simple food pairings such as cold cuts and savoury snacks in convivial company.